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Display advertising in Google, Yandex and advertising on social networks forms a set of planned activities aimed at attracting target groups, being the fastest and easiest way to draw the attention of target groups on the Internet. Despite comprehensibility and accessibility of the presentation, the effectiveness of advertising campaign depends on various factors. We will help you to organise, plan, set up and implement the advertising campaign in the most effective way that allows you to avoid potential risks and guides more customers from the target group to your website.

The local and global Internet advertising tool Google AdWords allows the maximum involvement of the required target group. Google is the leader of the Internet traffic in the world ranking, which means that making an advertising to a website through all functions of the aforementioned system allows quick access to the target group. In addition to the search advertising, media advertising (banners) options can be applied through Google`s partner networks.


Yandex.Direct provides the same functionality as Google AdWords, except for the difference that the search engine Yandex is more focused on the Russian-speaking users and provides information on the search results on the basis of Russian morphology. If you also take into account the fact that the number of Russian-speaking people living in the world (approximately 30 million people in various countries around the world, in addition the people in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine), we can say with certainty that there is no such Russian who does not know the search engine Yandex.


SMM promotion and advertising on social networks are important tools for communicating with the consumers of the provided products and services. In case you have an online store, such advertising is a great promotional tool for quickly transmitting the necessary information to your customers, but also constantly attract new customers through the advertising means. With planned activities on social networks you draw the necessary attention to your brand or product.

What we offer

Our work includes an effective advertising campaign planning, implementation, support and development.


At the initial stage, it is important to define accurately the main objectives of the advertising campaign. There is a need to define the target group, the list of searches, advertising campaign development strategy and budget.


Our goal is the achievement of the best result through the advertising campaign, depending on the chosen strategy, objectives and your advertising budget. We make an initial analysis of your website and according to the relevant result we offer a variety of advertising campaign measures that will help to achieve the desired result.

Full control

Our customers always receive from us detailed reports within the specified period, reflecting the dynamics of the advertisings and the user reaction and other important indicators. Unlike other optimisers, we will work directly with our clients' accounts, without concealing the campaign optimisation methods and configuration data. You have full access to your web advertising campaign, you can check the history of the amendments and you can always see the real statistics, as well as your advertising budget costs, which are under your control.

It is useful

There are situations when the cooperation with agencies providing advertising services does not meet expectations. Usually the main reason lies in the fact that the financial costs do not produce the desired result. We are ready to prepare an analysis of already issued advertising campaigns or to provide consultation on the matters you can change or add to your website promotion.

Consultation in the field of developing goods and services is an additional activity of Ispiral. In a short period of time you will get a clear overview of how online advertising works. We should not forget the fact that often only your direct participation in the development of the Internet allows the advertising resources to be distributed in the appropriate direction.


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